Imagine Festival 2010

The 9th of October John Lennon would have become 70 years. The same day Imagine Festival starts. Check the provisional programme by clicking the tab named “Imagine Festival 2010” Peace, Love and Welcome to Second Life.


Time for Music

This is how they made it

Intresting explaination

The Venus Project in Stockholm

The Venus Project will present themself in Stockholm. I think it’s the best solution to the problems we have on our planet. If you´re in Stockholm, or near Stockholm – if you care about our planet, then its an opportunity to learn about a new system for our planet. Follow this LINK for more info about the event. Thanks – Peace and Love

Imagine Festival

The boldest dream i know of is The Venus Project. I was very happy to be at the lecture in London. Some of us had the possibility to meet the founders Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows.  Here are some photos from the event: Im glad to announce the UK movement has put up a high quality version of Zeitgeist Addendum. You can watch it here:

Im also very happy to announce that Imagine Festival, that is about bold dreams, is opening this Friday – 9th of October on John Lennons birthday. We have some very exciting events in Second Life. We have a website that will continuously updated. Please go here to check. WELCOME to the Festival

Dare to dream

Dreaming is important and its time to do that now.  We need to dare to dream a dream of the impossible. A world in peace, without starvation and poverty, in which human rights is a way of living, without financial problems and injustice… well i guess that is to a lot of people a dream of the impossible. But is it? So many times in our history people had dreams about the impossible. We do fly to the moon nowadays, black people in US got their civil rights, India got free from united kingdom… And in our daily life brave everyday heroes are doing miracles we don’t see and haven’t heard of. Dreaming the impossible dream gives us a direction to go towards to – so it has many functions (not only stimulationg the right side of the brain). We are now planning a festival in Second Life that is called Imagine Festival – catch the dream. Its all about daring to dream a dream of a better world for all. It starts 9th of October on John Lennons birthday. The base for the festival is John´s lyrics to the song Imagine. He wasnt/isnt the only one with that bold dream.  More will come on this blog (and others) about the Imagine Festival (IF)

Peace on earth?

Many many people are working for peace on earth. That means there are many ideas out there. We need to dare to dream a dream of peace. And the only way to maintain a world in peace is to make it sustainable. A world that is just for all has a chance to live on. Here are some videos with some ideas.